Vono Spinal Comfort 1 Mattress

Vono is a renowned international brand, having originated from the United Kingdom since 1896. Vono mattress uses the exclusive and technologically advanced Intalok Springing System developed with British advanced technology for healthy and refreshing sleep. Vono mattress follows the body contours and firmly supports body weight, thus providing firmer, healthier support for the whole body at all points. This helps reduce back problems.

Because you can‰۪t always get all sleep you need, you should strive to get most out of your sleep you do get. An uncomfortable mattress can rob you of sleep, causing you to toss and turn and prevent you from deriving the full benefit of your time in bed. Sleeping on a mattress that meets your needs for comfort, support and space can help you sleep better.

Key Highlight :

  • Intalok Springing System (With at least 2 times more spring count for better back support and durability.)
  • High Density PU Foam (Extra comfort and cushioning.)
  • High Quality and Sanitized Damask Fabric
  • High Quality Anti Fungus, Anti Bacteria and Anti Dust-mite Treated Knitted Fabric
  • Help you recharge and feel your best
  • Sustain good health and overall well-being
  • Help the body to consolidate the days learning into memory
  • Improve your ability to absorb and recall everyday skills
  • Reduce stress and improve productivity
  • Single : W 92 cm x L 190 cm x H 28 cm (11 inch)
  • Super Single : W 107 cm x L 190 cm x H 28 cm (11 inch)
  • Queen : W 152 cm x L 190 cm x H 28 cm (11 inch)
  • King : W 183 cm x L 190 cm x H 28 cm (11 inch)

F.O.C 2pcs Pillow 

F.O.C 1pcs Mattress protector