530L 6 Door Fridge

Panasonic Promo Price: $3299, Big Box Special price : $2699 ( Instant $600 Big Box voucher deduction ) Panasonic Econavi NRF510GT 530L Six Door Refrigerator ( Colour: Snow White )Strong and scratchresistant, thePanasonic Econavi NRF510GT530L is a musthaverefrigerator in your kitchen.

Key Highlights :
ECONAVI technology detects and cuts excessive cooling.ECONAVI technology helps maintain ideal cooling and avoid waste of energy.Econavi technology features 5 sensors.
The 6door design allows you to store every type of food under optimal conditions.
Features ice compartment with automatic ice maker. Just put water in thesupply tank, and ice is automatically made and stored.
A touch is all it takes to remove the washable ice tray and water is supplied to the tray directly, therefore it's hygienic.
Multidoor elegance and gorgeous fullflat glass compliment your highend lifestyle.
Dimension ( W x D x H ): 68.5 x 68.3 x 182.8 (cm)
NEA 2 Ticks
Colour : Snow White ( Also avail in Gold )
Made in Japan