Wireless Direct LED Projector

K5S Wireless direct LED projector allows you to project up to 4 meter large image and it is now with wireless direct connectivity!

Key Highlights :
Wirelessly Direct connects to your device to most smartphones, tablets, notebook and computers,
Also connects via HDMIcompatible cable to most video players, cameras and more*
Megabright LED lamp projects up to 1200 lumens; rechargeable battery life is up to 2hours on a single charge (battery life will be reduced when using wireless mode)
DLPIntelliBright technology dynamically adjusts projector brightness for each individual pixel based on image content and ambient light level
Auto Keystone Correction automatically adjusts skewed images
Rechargeable 6000mAh battery doubles as a USB backup battery for your smartphone
Dual builtin speakers and focus control
No. of pixels: 1280x 720 pixels (Max Resolution HD1080P)
Includes AC adapter and UK Plug, Euro Plug and Singapore Plug
Weight: 0.31kg

1 x HDMI 1.11.4
1 x USB Port

1 x 2.1ch audio Jack
** Important:Wireless Direct in our case refer to smartphone, tablet, notebook etc.. directly mirroring your smart device screen through WIFI medium to our INNOVATIVE K5s projector WITHOUT going thru a router. This make senses especially when it is portable with battery powered so direct is the magic way.

** Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.