Air Purifier

With it's unique proactive filtration, you can enjoy clean air throughout in the room. In addition, the EPA8000 has quiet silent mode of 15dB of noise level to ensure light sleepers to be unaffected through the night.Made in Japan Air Purifier and Humidifier

Key Highlights :
Applicable floor55m2
Stainless clean
Air Purifying with HEPA filter
Heavy Duty Deodorizing Filter
Humidifying Function
Eco mode
Low noise operation
Air purification system: stainless clean, Allergen Free HEPA filter, Proactive filtration
Stainless Clean: Stainless steel use on the air pathways keeps extra hygienic for longlasting, fresh, healthy, clean and makes unit maintenance easy.
Air Purifying with HEPA filter: The multilayered construction of the filters for finedust collection, suppresses the activity of airborne mold and other airborne microbes. 99% caught 0.1 to 2.5m particles (PM 2.5)
Heavy duty deodorizing filter: thick filter consists of large amount of three heavyduty Deodorizing agents help to reduce a wide range of odors and effective to the four main odor components
5 modes: air purifying, pollen, deodorizing, humidify , skin moisturizing
Eco mode: saving energy up to 23% compared with Silent mode
Humidifying Function: helps keep your skin moist in the dry season and when using air conditioning
Quiet silent mode (15dB)
Off Timer: 4 hours

Color : Crystal Black