Inverter System 3 Split Air Conditioner

Daikin System 3 Split Air Conditioner offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. 3MKS71ESG 3 x FTKS35DVMKey

Inverter Technology
Quite Operation
Wallmount type indoor units achieve quite sound level during inddor unit quiet operation.
Clean Air
Uses a titanium Apatite is a photocatalytic material with high adsorbtion power. It effectively adsorbs and removes bacteric. It lasts for 3 years without replacement if washed about once every 6 months.
Easy Cleaning
Flat panel can be cleaned with only a single pass of a cloth across its smooth surface.

Rated Capacity1
Dimensions (HxWxD):28.3 80 19.5 (cm)
Sound Level (H/L/SL):37/25/22 db(A)

1 x 3MKS71ESG
Dimensions (HxWxD):73.5 93.6 30 (cm)
COP:3.82 (w/w )

Terms & Conditions:
Free pipe length up to 15m per Fancoil Unit and extra charges for additional pipe length incurred.
Standard Exposed Trunking installation for HDB/Condo residential only ( only for installation with no obstacles or blockage by objects such as wardrobe, shelves, fittings etc)
Standard materials: 3/8 Armaflex class 1 insulation, AWG23 Copper Pipes
Stainless Steel Bracket, Water Tray, accessories and Power Point are not included
For single trip installation and standard
No warranty on workmanship if use on exisying trucking/cables/old insulation/copper pipes/brackets)
Our Sales representative will contact you for available installation dates and advice on any additional charges if any.
Price includes 7% GST, Delivery and Installation