6kg Top Load Washer

With an ultra spacious drum 50L, Brandt gives you one of the largest capacity on the market. Load up to 6kg of laundry and let it go to work. The bigger the drum, the more effective the turning.

Key Highlights :
Automatic weighing system from 1 to 6 kg
Recognition of 4 load sizes
Dual spin speed 400 / 800 rpm
Easy opening
Electronic programmer
Low consumption: 1.14 kWh, 52L
Dual Spin speed 400 / 800rpm
Temperature selector from cold wash to 90C
15 Programmes: OPTIA45', Delicate / wool Hand wash, Rinse only, Spin Only, Flash 30'
Options: Drip Dry, Prewash
Sesam' and Posistop opening
Safeties: Load balancing system, Antioverflow, Antidetergent loss, Door opening safety during washing, Antifoam.
Volume of the drum (L) : 42
Electrical connections rating (W) : 2250