System 4 Air Conditioner - 4 Ticks

Akira System 4 Split Aircon is a quiet and efficient Akira Inverter. (AC-S28C4M, 4 X AC-S10LV4). It uses powerful 28,000 btu Compressor, Hepa Bio Filter and Super Ionizer keep the air clean, while 3D Flow and Turbo Mode help to cool fast and efficient.When it is necessary to air condition more than just one room, the Akira multi split systems are the perfect solution for you. One powerful, energy efficient outdoor unit is capable to operate 4 indoor units.
The multi split system provides individual control of temperature, fan speed and sleep mode for each individual indoor unit. Akira indoor units are easy to clean, support auto defrosting and multiple fan modes including Forrest Wind and Turbo.
Akira powerful 28000Btu outdoor unit, using the state of the art inverter compressor technology

Key Highlights:
  • System 4 Package (Capacity 28000 BTU compressor)
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Uses Japan compressor, helps to Save up to 40% Energy Savings
  • High density Health Shield
  • High density filter which filters out Ultrafine particles.
  • Quiet & Fast Cooling
  • Akira Air conditioners not only reaches your desired temperature quickly, it also quiet and has smooth airflow.
  • 3D Flow
  • The combination of vertical and horizontal auto swing function ensure an even distribution of air throughout the room.
  • SuperIoniser
  • Release positive and negative ions, eliminates odor, dust, smoke and pollen particles to give you fresh and healthy air.
  • Antirust Blue Fin coating for fan coil
  • Blue Fin coating is a corrosion resistance coating, which prolongs life span and helps better efficiency.
  • Sleep Mode
  • The function enables the air conditioner to automatically decrease temperature of 1 degree per hour for the first two hours then holds steady for the next five hours, after it switch off.
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detector
  • Indoor unit will show error code EC and stop automatically when leakage is detected. This protects the compressor from being damaged by high temperature due to refrigerant leakage.
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Uses R410A refrigerant (which contains only fluorine) does not contribute to ozone depletion.
  • 1 X Condenser Unit (Outdoor 28000BTU) Model: AC-S28C4M)
  • 4 X Fancoil Unit 9000 BTU) Model: AC-S10LV4
  • 4 Ticks

What Is Included:
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Standard installation by our Professional Inhouse Installers
  • ( Includes: New Piping & Insulation ) NO HIDDEN COST!
  • 3C40 Wiring
  • 3/8 Armaflex Insulation
  • 23 Standard Wire Gauge Refrigerant Copper Piping 
  • High Quality PVC Trunking
  • 16mm Drainage

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** Promo is applicable to HDB Installation only, top up is required for other property.

System 2 and System 3 options are also available.
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