Bread Maker


Akira bread maker BM-D1848 comes with 3 level browning and 12 Preset Program that allows you to make your own bread like a professional.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy to use
  • 3 Level Browning
  • 12 Preset Program
  • Power OFF Protection
  • Delay timer
  • Memory function

Warranty: 1 Year

As soon as the bread maker is plugged into the power supply, a beep will be heard and “3:00” appears in the display after a short time. But the two dots between the “3” and “00” don’t flash constantly. The arrow points to 2.0lb and MEDIUM. It is the default setting.

The button is used for starting and stopping the selected baking program.
To start a program, press the START/STOP button once. A short beep will be heard and the two dots in the LCD begin to flash, the working light illuminates and the program starts. Any other button is inactivated except the START/STOP button after a program has begun. This feature will help to prevent any unintentional disruption to the operation of program.
To stop the program, press the START/STOP button for approx. 2 seconds, then a beep will be heard, the working light will be extinguished, it means that the program has been switched off.

PAUSE function
After procedure starts up, you can press START/STOP button once to interrupt at any time, the operation will be paused but the setting will be memorized, the working time will be flashed on the LCD. Touch START/STOP button again or within 10 min without touching any button, the program will continue.

It is used to set different programs. Each time it is pressed (accompanied by a short beep) the program will vary. Press the button continuously, the 12 menus will be cycled to show on the LCD display. Select your desired program. The functions of 12 menus will be explained as below.
1. Basic: kneading, rise and baking normal bread. You may also add ingredients to increase flavor.
2. French: kneading, rise and baking within a longer rise time. The bread baked in this menu usually will have a crisper crust and light texture.
3. Whole wheat: kneading, rise and baking of whole wheat bread. It is not advised to use the delay function as this can produce poor results.
4. Quick: kneading, rise and baking loaf within the time less than Basic bread. But the bread baked on this setting is usually smaller with a dense texture.

5. Sweet: kneading, rise and baking sweet bread. You may also add ingredients to add flavor.
6. Gluten free: kneading, rise and baking gluten free bread. You may also add ingredients to add flavor.
7. Ultra fast: kneading, rise and baking in a shortest time. Usually the bread made is smaller and rougher than that made with Quick program.
8. Dough: kneading and rise, but without baking. Remove the dough and use for making bread rolls, pizza, steamed bread, etc.
9. Jam: boiling jams and marmalades. Fruit or vegetables must be chopped before putting them into the bread pan.
10. Cake: kneading, rise and baking, rise with soda or baking powder.
11. Sandwich: kneading, rise and baking sandwich. For baking light texture bread with a thinner crust.
12. Bake: only baking, no kneading and rise. Also used to increase the baking time on selected settings

With the button you can select a LIGHT, MEDIUM or DARK color for the crust. Press this button to select your desired color.

Press this button to select the Loaf size of the bread. Please note the total operation time may vary with the different loaf size.

DELAY function
If you want the appliance not to start working immediately you can use this button to set the delay time.
You must decide how long it will be before your bread is ready by pressing the + or -. Please note the delay time should include the baking time of program. That is, at the completion of delay time, there is hot bread can be serviced. At first the program and degree of browning must be selected, then pressing “+” or “ –” to increase or decrease the delay time at the increment of 10 minutes. The maximum delay is 13 hours.
Example: Now it is 8:30p.m, if you would like your bread to be ready in the next morning at 7 o’clock, i.e. in 10 hours and 30 minutes. Select your menu, color, loaf size then press the “+” or “–” to add the time until 10:30 appears on the LCD. Then press the STOP/START button to activate this delay program. You can see the dot flashed and LCD will count down to show the remaining time. You will get fresh bread at 7:00 in the morning, if you don’t want to take out the bread immediately, the keeping warm time of 1hour starts.
Note: 1.This button is not applicable for the programs Ultra fast-I, Ultra fast-II, Jam and Bake.
2. For time delayed baking, do not use any easily perishable ingredients such as eggs, fresh milk, fruits, onions, etc.

Bread can be automatically kept warm for 60 minutes after baking. If you would like to take the bread out, switch the program off with the START/STOP button.

If the power supply has been broken off during the course of bread making, the process of bread making will be continued automatically within 10 minutes, even without pressing Start/stop button. If the break time exceeds 10 minutes the memory cannot be kept and the bread maker must be restarted,But if the dough is no further than the kneading phase when the power supply breaks off, you can press the “START/STOP” straight to continue the program from the beginning .

The machine may work well in a wide range of temperatures, but there could be a
difference in loaf size between a very warm room and a very cold room. We suggest the
room temperature should be between 15 ℃ and 34℃.

1、If the display shows “HHH” after the program has been started, the temperature inside
is still too high(accompanied by 5 beep sounds). Then the program has to be stopped.
Open the lid and let the machine cool down for 10 to 20 minutes.
2、If the display shows “LLL” after pressing the START/STOP button ( except the
programs BAKE), it means the temperature inside is too low(accompanied by 5 beep
sounds), stop sound by pressing the START/STOP button, open the lid and let the
machine rest for 10 to 20 minutes to return to room temperature.
3. If the display shows “EE0” after you have pressed START/STOP, the temperature
sensor is disconnected please check the sensor carefully by Authorized expert.

For the first use
1、Please check if all parts and accessories are complete and free of damage .
2、Clean all the parts according to the latter section“Cleaning and Maintenance”
3、set the bread maker in baking mode and bake empty for about 10 minutes. After cooling
it down clean once more.
4、Dry all parts thoroughly and assembly them, so the appliance is ready for using.
How to make bread
1. Place the pan in position and turn it clockwise until it clicks in correct position. Insert
the kneading blade onto the drive shaft. It is recommended to fill holes with
heat-resisting margarine prior to placing the kneaders, this avoids the dough to stick
below the kneaders and the kneaders could be removed from bread easily.
2. Place ingredients into the bread pan.
Usually the water or liquid substance should be put firstly, then add sugar, salt and flour,
always add yeast or baking powder as the last ingredient.

Note: the maximum quantity of flour and yeast is 560g and 2 teaspoons.
3. With finger make a small indentation on one side of the flour. Add yeast to indentation,
Make sure it does not come into contact with the liquid ingredients or salt.
4. Close the lid gently and plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
5. Press the Menu button until your desired program is selected.
6. Press the COLOR button to select the desired crust color.
7. Press the LOAF SIZE button to select the desired size (1.5lb or 2.0lb).
8. Set the delay time by pressing + or - button. This step may be skipped if you want the bread maker to start working immediately.
9. Press the START/STOP button to start working, and the working light comes on.
10. For the program of Basic, French, Whole wheat, Quick, Sweet, Ultra fast-I., Ultra fast-II, Cake and Sandwich, beeps sound will be heard during operation. This is to prompt you to add ingredients. Open the lid and put in some ingredients. It is possible that steam will escape through the vent slits in the lid during baking. This is normal.
11. Once the process has been completed, beeps sound will be heard, and the working light will extinguish. You can press START/STOP button for approx. 2 seconds to stop the process and take out the bread. Open the Lid and while using oven mitts, firmly grasp the bread pan handle. Turn the pan anti-clockwise and gently pull the pan straight up and out of the machine.
4. Use non-stick spatula to gently loosen the sides of the bread from the pan.
Caution: the Bread panand bread may be very hot! Always handle with care and use oven mitts.
13. Turn bread pan upside down onto a clean cooking surface and gently shake until bread falls out onto rack.
14. Remove the bread carefully from the pan and cool for about 20 minutes before slicing.
15. If you are out of the room or have not pressed START/STOP button at the end of operation, the bread will be kept warm automatically for 1 hour, if you would like to take the bread out, switch the program off with the START/STOP button.
16. When do not use or completely operation, unplug the power cord.
Note: Before slicing the loaf, use the hook to remove out the kneading blade hidden on the bottom of loaf. The loaf is hot, never use hand to remove the kneading blade.