10.5kg Top Load Fully Auto Washer

Akira top load fully auto washer WM-T105GF1 with a huge washing capacity of 10.5kg, allows you to wash your whole family laundry at one go.

Key Highlights:
  • 10.5kg Load Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Drum with Temper Glass Door Design
  • Fussy Logic Control / Delicate Hand Wash function
  • Quick Wash Function / DIY Washing Program
  • Air Dry When selected, it helps to dry the tub through the air flow during the high speed of spin drum
  • Water Saving Water Saving can hold the water used in the last rinse, it can be used to clean the floor and tool etc.
  • Quick 23 Minutes Wash This new quick 23 wash is a complete program that allows you to wash in just 23 minutes, making small loads efficiently easier than ever before
  • Delay Start In case user wants to program the washing cycle to finish up maximum 12 hours later, this option is useful
  • Child Lock Child lock prevents unwanted situations where children push washing cycle
  • Width 598mm x Height 983mm x Depth 613mm,
  • WEL 2 Ticks