1.8L Premium Rice Cooker + Free Delivery

Akira RK-N388 is a premium 1.8L rice cooker build with quality high-grade nonstick Teflon coated 2mm thick Inner Pot that gives you an even cooking for every grain of rice.

Key Highlights:
  • 1.8 Litres Capacity
  • Premium Rice Cooker
  • Automatic Cooking and Warming System
  • Excellent Hotplate with Productive Coating
  • High-Grade Nonstick Teflon-coated Inner Pot
  • High Conductivity Heavier Weight Inner Pot with 2mm Thickness
  • Even Cooking
  • Inner Pot Handle
  • Reinforced Upper Lid with Steam Vent
  • Multi-function ( Rice Cooking, Steaming and Porridge )
Warranty : 1 Year