Mattress fair @ Sleep academy

February 01, 2018

Mattress fair @ Sleep academy

How to get a Good Night's Sleep without incurring a big hole in your wallet?

On average we spend about 1/3 of our time sleeping, about 6 - 7 hours per day. But with the modern lifestyle, we sometimes "cut short" our amount of sleep. If this continues in the long run, lack of sleep will affect our health such as decrease in mental abilities which will contribute to a weaker immune system as your body needs to regenerate.

At our Sleep Academy, you can find all types of mattress here - such as orthopedic mattress, individual pocketed spring, plush with knitted fabric for extra comfort, latex, innerspring, memory foam to help you enjoy better nights!

With over 24 mattress brands such as BIA, Simmons, Dunlopillo, Slumberland, Tempur, Vono, Castilla and many more! You'd be sure to find the Perfect One!

Click here to find out on How To Choose Your Mattress 

What Type of Mattress do we have?

You can find all types of mattress here at our Sleep Academy. Such as individual pocketed spring, plush with knitted fabric for extra comfort, latex, innerspring, memory foam and more. For those who want a better support for their back, the orthopaedic mattress is what we will recommend you!

Make a trip to our Sleep Academy Level 2 today to enjoy HUGE savings of up to 80%*! 

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What's Hot This Week?

Experience Super Comfort

We need to sleep for our body to rest & regenerate. If you wake up with constant aches or pains on your neck or back, it is high time for to you change your mattress.

At our Sleep Academy, we have a wide range of mattress to suit your needs; Pocket Spring, Orthopaedic Mattress, Memory Foam and much more! Make a trip to our Sleep Academy at Level 2 today!


Choose Your Bed Frame


Need a Bed Frame?

Bed Frame is important to keep your mattress off the floor, away from the cold floor surface. It also protects your bedding from being mushy & mouldy. And make your room look tidy & organise. Most importantly, it helps you to get out of the bed easier.

Look no further! At our Furniture Showroom we have more than 200 bed frames design for you to choose from; Single, Queen or King size bed frame, Storage bed frame, with Compartments and much more.

Make your way to our Sleep Academy at Level 2 today.


A Good Night Slep with BIA Havenly Series

A perfect mattress for your comfort this 2018!

The BIA Havenly series is equipped with Barrel Shapre Pocket Spring System with Plush Top mattress. Which helps to create the Zenergy, Sanitized & Ventilate the Fabric. And it has Super Soft Polyethylene Foam & Anti Dust Mite.
Perfect for anyone who needs a Good Night Sleep! Need some assistance? Come & meet our Mattress Team at Sleep Academy Level 2 today!

Support Your Back!

Check out our BIA Support Mattress
🔥 The Mattress Firmness can support most sleeping position
🔥 Keeps the Body Afloat instead of sunken 
🔥 Best affordable Mattress Range

Only this week the BIA Support 5ft mattress with bedframe is going for $799! Come & feel the mattress here at Furniture Showroom Level 2 today. (while stocks last)

A Complete Bedroom Set

Pay only One Price to get a complete bedroom set. Novena Darwin Bedroom set (while stocks last)

10 Door Wardrobe

Check out how sturdy and how many things you can store with the Scott 10 Door Wardrobe! 


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