How to Maximize Your Room Space

February 01, 2018

How to Maximize Your Room Space

We all like a room that is tidy and organized. Okay, maybe a little messy in our own comfortable ways. But we all definitely want a house that is clean, clutter free and most importantly, cosy. In Singapore where most of us stay in flats and apartments, every little bit of space counts. So here are just some tips from us on how you can maximize your room space:


Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Here’s the key point: For items like beds where you do not get much of an option to change its size, you can always opt for storage beds while picking other alternatives for less significant furniture pieces.

The key is to have the essential pieces with storage space while eliminating the other unnecessary items.

Use Wall Mirror

Rather than getting a large mirror that sits on the floor, wall mirrors are a better option since it helps to reduce the clutter on the floor and maximize storage on walls. Visit Home Decor Level 3 for more designs

Customised Your Wardrobe

You will be surprised at how much extra space you can find in your wardrobe once you customised your wardrobe! The extra space will definitely come in handy and can be used for storing your knick-knacks, bags or even things such as your bedsheets and pillowcases!

Living & Dining Room

Choose 2-in-1 Coffee Table

Instead of getting a huge coffee table, why not get the 2-in-1 coffee table? You can use the table & store your items at the bottom or inside! Do not be afraid to think out of the box and try something different!

Buy Sofabed instead

Sofabed is great when you have more visitors who need to sleep over and at the same time, it can be transformed into sofa too.

Compact Size Dining Table

Don't be tempted with big dining tables. Big, Beautiful dining tables may look good in the showroom but do you really need it? Why not Compact size dining table? It saves space and looks good in your dining room area.

Use Shelves instead of Cabinets

Although cabinets offer a fixed space, open shelves help to increase storage options since more can be placed on the shelves as opposed to those awkward cabinets that might be oddly sized or too high up to reach conveniently.


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