Yummylicious Benefits

August 16, 2016

They say there’s always room for dessert, but some people say it’s too fattening. But did you know that desserts are essential for our body to keep our weight balanced? Here are some reasons that you will never feel so guilty eating your dessert after a meal.
  1. Improves Nutrient Intake
Dessert aren’t just about the sweet stuff. Our body crave dense food when lacking of calories and nutrients. Sometimes a rich dessert is just the right fuel for your body and brain.
  1. Improved weight control
Quitting all desserts will only create a short term fitness goal. But having a balanced nutritious diet can actually have a long term success in weight loss. Balancing your indulgences with healthier eating and regular exercise is more likely to lead to diet success than resisting them all.
  1. Desserts literally make you happier
They have positive impact on your moods. According to The Nest, carbo-rich food triggers your brain to produce serotonin and tryptophan – chemicals that enhances emotional well-being. Ever taken a bite of your favourite dessert and instantly feel happier? That is the chemicals in your brains.
  1. Healthy Body
A little dark chocolate a day can reduce the risk of stroke in the long run.   Take a look at some healthy dessert recipes just for you. Say goodbye to sinful desserts!

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