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September 08, 2016

There are different factors that affect sleep quality, and that includes different kinds of sleeper. Therefore, different mattresses are made to cater to each different sleeper to ensure quality sleep. Here are the major 3 types of sleepers and the recommended mattress to sleep in for better sleep.

Back sleepers

Sleeping on their backs include sleeping with hands by their side or opened up. Also well known as the ‘star fish’ style. Back sleeping are usually well recommended by physiotherapists, but the minority of the population sleep on their back. There are cases where the strain causes your spine as the pressure increases a night. As back sleeping exerts most of your body weight on your upper back and bottom. Therefore, more support are usually needed. That said, back sleepers tend to snore more thus being more prone to sleep apnoea. Look for mattresses that are medium firm or slightly plusher. If a bed that is too soft, it will cause lack of support to your back. With your body sinking in, committing to more discomfort. If a bed that is too rigid, it can cause your lower back unsupported. Causing pressure to points of your back, muscle tension and pain. Alternatively, you can place a pillow under your knees to maintain the natural curves of your spine. Also make sure the pillows are supportive to your neck and head. But note that your head and neck shouldn’t be tilted forward, as it could cause a headache.

Side sleepers

Most of us tend to sleep on our sides, there are a few positions while sleeping on our side, the foetal position, with arms out front of us position, and the arms by our sides. These positions usually come naturally but in some cases, it could also cause neck or shoulder pain. Side sleeping position happens to be one of healthiest positions, it can help reduce acid reflux, the risk of sleep apnoea. However, any side-sleeping can cause shoulder and arm distress due to restrained blood flow and pressure on the nerves, which may be aggravated by having your arms out in front of you. But if you make sure your mattress is competent enough to nourish these parts of your body, you won’t have to worry about waking up feeling 10 years old over the night. Medium to soft memory foam mattresses are explicitly designed to support hips, shoulders and to a certain degree the spine, as these are the areas where the most pressure is experience when sleeping. To keep your spine aligned and to prevent backache, a pillow placed between bent knees will support the hips. If your bed is very soft, pillows can also be placed under the waist, or the side of your body to support your midriff and back.

Front sleeper

Laying on your stomach is one of the unhealthiest way to sleep. Prime reason being, majority of the weight falls on the torso area, leading a huge pressure on the spine. Sleeping on your stomach can promote digestion, but unless you have evolved to be able to breathe through your pillow, it most likely leads to having your head twisted, which puts a strain on your neck. Sleeping face down can also cause lower back pain, since the curve of the spine is unsupported and amplify the arch at the base of your spine, inducing strain. The most suitable type of mattress for front sleepers is not too rigid, yet not too soft. If you go too soft, the spine will hunch as you sleep. This could eventually cause aching and sore the next day morning. On the other hand if it’s too rigid, it wouldn’t allow your spine to fall into the natural ‘S’ shape. Inducing more aching issues, but it’s better to look for a mattress that is more firm than plush. Strain can be taken off your twisted neck by marginally elevating one side of your body with a pillow for support. Another way would be try placing pillows under your chest, rather than the usual head pillow. This method can reduce the twisting of your neck and strain on your lower back. Thinner pillows are another consideration as well. With Sleep Academy dedicated to assist you in choosing your best suited mattress, don’t be shy come down to BIGBOX or visit our online store to browse your ideal mattress. Picture credits: sheknows

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