Rise and Shine Routine

August 18, 2016

“If you want to make you dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up.” Waking up can be a chore, I know, dragging yourself out of bed after the X times you have snoozed your alarm.
Science says: Willpower is highest in the morning, so start strong
Willpower is a finite resource, this is well known, and we have to keep recharging it that is when our body is to sleep. On the other hand, the creative mind is an early riser and that the editing mind sleeps in, creativity peaks in the morning as the creative connections in our brains are most active. If you believe that creativity is your best source for ideation, then the early morning should be your best time for new thoughts. The longer the day goes on, the more fatigue one self-control experiences, the more important is to make those early morning hours count. Willpower is like a battery. You charge yourself at night during your sleep and wake up to ‘fully charged battery”. So go full on power in the morning. Do not waste that energy!

Go Big or Go Home!

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”- Mark Twain The first hour of your morning sets the mood for the entire day. It's important to make the most of it. Do the hardest, most head cracking task first thing when you start off your morning - those heavy tasks that you know you won't have the energy for later. When you have completed the task, the rest of the day you will be in a good mood due to the sense of accomplishment and on the other hand, the rest of the challenges feels like a piece of cake in comparison.

For the Healthy Junkies

Weigh yourself every morning

This only takes about 1 minute of your time. But it will create a great impact on you. Weighing yourself on a regular basis helps to build your fitness goal! And obviously, a healthier body meant a healthier mind.

Have a glass

Add a few drops of lemon into a 16 ounce of cold water. This helps you to have awakening mornings with a boost of vitamins! A study from 2003 found that people who drank ice water experienced a 30 percent increase in metabolism, said Lindsay Malone, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic. This means the body burns an additional 100 calories a day if people drink a half liter of ice water.

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