Perfect T-Shirt Hunting

August 18, 2016

Almost everyone knows what a T-shirt is. But does anyone know how to find the perfect fit for a T-shirt? Do you? T-shirt is one of the most common worn thing in the world. They are made of many different kinds of material, but note that they will never be approved to be worn to an official event, remember to choose the appropriate time to wear a t-shirt, otherwise you might just seem disrespectful. Size: Finding the perfect fit is not going to be easy. Too big size would look like you are draping something over and might sometimes make you look bigger than you are. If it is too squeezed, you might look like a wrapped sausage! There should be about 2 cm of fabric on each side of the body, anything more than that will be quite loose for you. Choose something that the shoulder seams where the sleeves attach to the body should ideally exactly align with where your shoulder ends rather than lower on your arm or towards your neck. The sleeves should reach about halfway to your upper arm. It can be a little longer down, but don’t go overboard. The bottom hem should reach about your hip or lower, if it’s shorter than that you might risk showing your back when you bend over. Colours: Colours does play a big difference on how you will turn out. Unless you are wearing a graphic t-shirt, do consider this colours and how they are supposed to look like. White: You look cleaned and refreshing with a white top, pair it with a pair of really blue jeans, especially if you are slightly tanned, it brings out your body! Navy: It gives a sharp-looking feel with a touch of classy. Black: One of the easiest to pull off as you will almost never look fat in black! And black goes well with any other colours, you can even wear an outer wear to pair it up.

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