Health Benefits of Inline Skating

September 05, 2016

The benefits of inline skating are surprisingly great as it exercises not just your physical state but as well as your mental state. Inline skating is well known to be a great aerobic activity for people of all age group. Do you know that you can burn as much calories on skates as you do on running? Here's a list of benefits that in-line skating has to offer.

Cardiovascular benefits

As mentioned above, in the introduction, inline skating has the same impact as running. It is a tremendous cardiovascular workout which help increases your metabolism rate, heart heart as well as recovery ability.

Muscular Endurance

In-line skating is one of the most beneficial workout for muscles development. Inline skating builds up all the upper leg muscles, buttocks, hips and lower back muscles.

Shaking off the fats

Surprisingly, it burns more calories than exercises like resistance training. It is a calorie burning workout that can help lose or maintain body weight!

Mental Health

Inline skating can often be used as an opportunity for a mental quiet time for your brain to relax. Choose scenic skating locations to help lighten your mood, calm your brain down and let your workout shift your body's chemical balance for a naturally induced feeling of well-being. Inline skating improves your mental clarity and focus and reduce stress and depression too. BIGBOX now offers in-line skating classes, take a look at the promotions available as well!

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