Goodbye Monday Blues

August 19, 2016

Hate waking up feeling all blue? It’s probably you not getting good rest during your sleep at night. Getting quality rest can be affected by a lot of factors. Things you have never known might be affecting your sleep, so here’s a list of how you can get better sleep easily! Do your part and help your body get the rest you deserve.
  1. Force/Push out your worrying thoughts

Heard about the saying, “Leave your worrying to tomorrow?” This is exactly how it is used. Clear your head, mind and keep all the distracting thoughts out. Consider scheduling a daily ‘worry time’, choose a 15 minutes period at the same time every day to think of all possible worry, talk to someone about it or pen it down. Side Note: Meditating before bed time, an hour before sleep is perfect. But note that you don’t mediate too close to your bedtime so your body doesn’t become confused relaxing and sleeping.
  1. Control Your Exposure To Light

Melatonin is typically developed hormone controlled by light exposure that help administer your sleep-wake cycle. Your brain produces more melatonin when it’s dark – making you sleepy.

Avoid Bright Screen within 1-2 hours of your bedtime

Blue light secreted by your phone, tablet, computer or TV are exceptionally disruptive. You can minimize the impact by dimming the brightness or use light altering software.

Make sure your room is dark

Use heavy curtains or shades to block light from windows from the street lamps outside. BIGBOXoffers a huge range of curtains for your reference. Do come down and check us out!
  1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercisers sleep better and less sleepy during the day than those who don’t. It also promotes more deep restorative sleep for those who have insomnia and apnea.
  • The more vigorous exercise you do, more impactful the sleep benefits are. But even a short stroll in the park for 10 minutes help improves sleep quality
  • Note! Make sure you finish your vigorous exercise 3 hours before your bed-time.
  1. Watch what goes inside your mouth

Day time

Limit caffeine intake, it can cause sleep hindrance up to 10-12 hours after drinking it.

Night time

Avoid heavy meals at night, try making dinner time earlier in the evening. Spicy and acidic food can cause stomach trouble and heart burn. Avoid alcohol before bed, it actually interferes your sleep cycle.
  1. Hot Shower

On contrary to the saying, taking a nice hot shower before sleeping helps, it doesn’t. Your body need to be cool to be able to sleep well, therefore avoid taking hot showers before bed.

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