Electronics Surprise Week 37

September 09, 2016

Our electronics surprise is back! This week be sure not to miss out the offers we have and save your pockets from burning a huge hole! If you are always thinking of buying an Air Fryer but never have a right reason to do so, here's your chance. With the promotional price, you get to save the extra cash! And it comes in 2 colors: Black and White, choose the one that goes well with your kitchen! We also have a few amazing deals on other kitchen appliances like the Panasonic Oven, bake a little treat for you and your family! As well as a Coffee Machine, who wouldn't love a good drip of coffee every morning, the Krups Coffee Machine is now on sales! Time for a new mobile phone? Take a look at Samsung Galaxy J5, now with free 16 GB MicroSD. Or you are looking for an upgrade, grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 LTE with free 16GB MicroSD
More deals of home entertainment and appliances?
These deals are available both online and at Big Box in Jurong East. At the Big Box mall we have even more surprises for you, so come and visit us this weekend.  

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