Why is a bicycle Helmet Important

August 28, 2016

Strongly recommend you to try out the helmets on the spot instead of convenience and getting it off the net. Unless you have bought umpteen times and know you size very well, then go ahead. But it is always better to try it out before buying as other than size playing a factor into buying an item, helmets might cause discomfort due to your head shape. Helmets are quite essential for bicycle gear, here’s a few reasons why:
  1. Protection

Protection is one of the most oblivious reason why you should wear a helmet for cycling! Helmet can help protect your head in any case of accident or when you fall. It acts as a shield for your scalp as well as they are not exposed to sunlight directly, therefore you will not get sun burnt on your scalp!
  1. Alert

You might not know but helmets are usually in very striking colors. This is to make sure that the drivers actually notice you when you ride. Even if there isn’t much bright colors on your helmet, DIY! You can always add on reflective strips on it to make sure you are more visible to other drivers on the road, it's fashionable too.
  1. Improve your ability to see

Helmets shelter you from rain and creates a shade over your eyes while you are cycling. Did you know that maybe of us are usually blinded by the scorching sun and imagine the droplets dripping right into your eye. That isn’t very ideal isn’t it?

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