Unforgettable Birthdays For Your Babies!

August 18, 2016

I know throwing a party is a chore, furthermore throwing a party for more than 10 kids, it’s tiring. Imagine the mess they would have created while you spent the whole morning trying to get it up. Here’s the step by step to throw the perfect party effortlessly!  
  1. Pick a Theme
It is not necessary, but having a theme might help with the event planning. Like the decorations and outfits needed for the party. It can be your child’s favourite cartoon character or color!   Some ideas:
  • Pink party
    • All decorations, food and drinks can be arranged to be pink. Inform guests to wear pink too! They are good for group photo!
  • Pizza Party
    • Prepare the bread, and let your kids and friends to choose their own toppings.
  1. Choose a Venue
  • Your house
It is inexpensive and your child will feel just right home to play with her friends.
  • Function rooms
If you happen to own a condominium, you can book a function room as it saves the cleaning more than you can imagine! If you do not own one, try asking your close relatives if they could help you out for this one favour.
  • Communal Areas
If you can’t find a place or the place you have found is too far from your home, you can always opt to book a communal area like the void deck or the bbq pit with pavilion near your house, it’s cheap and convenient as well!  
  1. OM-NOM!
You can make it as tea party, provide bites like cupcakes, cakes, ice creams and soda and you’re ready to go! If it’s a more of a lunch party, you can get fried rice, spaghetti, sandwiches and hotdogs. These are readily easy to cook or order! (Add in recipes)  
  1. Making Door Gifts
Buy bulk candies and make them into little goody bags. Throw in a few stickers are optional but good choice. (Add in our candies range)  
  1. Birthday Cake
Get a themed cake to go along with your theme, otherwise you can bake your own and add your child’s favourite toppings! (Add in recipes and ingredients)     Side Notes
  • Invitations are best to be specific
    • If you have a theme, remember to inform them about the theme.
    • If you are only inviting your kid’s friend and not their siblings, please inform them as well.
  • RSVP
    • Remember to ask them to RSVP latest by a deadline otherwise, you might have properly not knowing how much food to prepare for the party

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