Pokemon Go Part 2

September 02, 2016

We have officially launched our blog just last week. One of the top read article would be Pokemon Go Must Haves.Well well, the Pokemon Go article did relate to you guys didn't it? So here are more tips that we would like to recommend. Travelling from point to point might be time consuming as you walk, but with bicycle, it reduces half the time.


bicycle Folding bikes provide the convenience to go anywhere, anytime. It gives you the flexibility to use other modes of transportation in order to get from point A to point B and stows easily when not in use. With reports of Pokemon GO causing car accidents already rolling in, it should be oblivious than it already was that playing Pokemon GO while driving is an awful idea. Riding a bike however is a safe alternative, as long as you dismount your bike and get off the road before pulling over for a quick encounter. Catching Pokemon while riding is not advisable, but it can be used to hatch eggs! As well as getting from one place to another when there is a hot spot available nearby you. One of the perks includes being able to board public transport with folding bikes! Not to mention, cycling is a good form of exercise with great benefits too!   Here's a list of accessories that can help ensure your safety and comfort while you are catching your Pokemons! 1. FBT T-shirt and shorts Dry fit shirt and shorts are the best when exercise as it doesn't trap heat nor sweat! 2. Smartphone Huge display to maximise your experience with Pokemon Go. 3. Remax Dual USB Cable Pink With both lighting and usb cable, charging your phone or your companions' have never been this hassle free. 4. Bicycle Bell Safety always come first. Ring to alert road hazards. 5. Earphones Tune in to your favourite Pokemon Theme songs or playlists. 6. Power bank Never run out of battery while catching Pokemon. 7. mPowerpad portable charger (3300 mAh) Using renewable resources to keep it going 8. Bicycle Lock You wouldn't want to have your bicycle missing right? 9. Back lights Make sure you are noticable to others on the road. 10. Car charger With 2 USB Port, it charges 2 devices simultaneously. Super Compact and Light Weight! 11. Front light Don't fall into potholes while trying to hatch your egg. 12. Pouch For easy storage of your items! 13. Water bottle Keeping yourself hydrated while walking or cycling. 14. Helmet Stay safe, protect yourself. 15. Foldable bag  


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