Mornings Have Never Been This Smooth

August 18, 2016

Everyone know what a smoothie is. A smoothies’ laymen term would be a cup of fruits or vegetables being ice blended. A healthy smoothie boosts your immune system and rich in nutrients important for your body too.

Benefits of …

  1. Quick Fix

Imagine replacing the hassle of making your breakfast in the morning; the time saved on cooking an egg for your sandwich, the time saved on waiting for your morning coffee to finish dripping. Throw in these fruits that can be pre-cut the night before you sleep, just remember to place them in the fridge. Throw them into the blender next day morning. Viola~ Breakfast, ready to go! SIDE NOTE! If you hav the family, it is even better! Make your partner or children a cup to go as well! Especially children, they tend to hate eating fruits and vegetables, but smoothies are easier to consume for kids and sweeter.
  1. Hitting The Quota

Hitting the quota of consuming of 1.5 – 2 cups of fruits and 2 – 3 cups a day can be hard sometimes. But blending a few servings of each into a smoothie helps increase your intake! Supply your body with vitamins and minerals to help grow healthier. So good that your skin might just glow! SIDE NOTE! You can drink a smoothie anytime, any meal, it doesn’t have to be breakfast.
  1. Soul Boosting

Taking control of your own health being can help achieve a sense of empowerment. Fruits and vegetables are the appropriate fuel to supply your body for energy boosting. It also helps your brain to stay focus, improve mental clarity and memory!

Making Tips

  1. Fresher The Better

It is advisable to use organic ingredients for your smoothie to avoid pesticides. The fresher the ingredients, the better the taste it will be, not forgetting the surplus nutrients in them. I mean, who wants a stale smoothie? Ugh.
  1. Fix For You Sweet Tooth

Adding sugar into your smoothie would just defeat the purpose of making a smoothie right? Dates are great to replace sugar and help sweeten your smoothies. Remove the pits and soak them at least 1 hour before blending. SIDE NOTE! Honey, maple syrups are excellent substitutes too.
  1. Turn Up The Bassssse

Other than using water or ice cube as your base, you can also use almond milk, milk or young (Thai) coconut water kefir as the base, it provides sweetness and a significant amount of electrolytes and promotes digestion and nutrient assimilation. SIDE NOTE! If you are a tea person, you can try using a healthy tea for your base to boost nutrition! BIGBOX has a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables!

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