Fighting Against Haze

August 26, 2016

"Am I dreaming? Oh no, haze is back!"

Waking up to an awakening smell, the haze, is a bad news to us, this year's haze come earlier than last year. According to NEA, the PSI have been constantly increasing over the past few hours. So everyone have to gear up now and get ready to win the fight against haze. Protect ourselves before we fall sick due to the it. 1. Mask up The most important tip is to wear a mask whenever you are heading outdoor. The harmful particles in the atmosphere may cause permanent damages to your lungs, wearing of mask when heading outdoor must not be neglected! The most widely known mask would be the N95 Particulate Respirator. They are reusable as long as they are not out of shape and soiled. But if you can't find any N95, a surgical mask will do just fine, it is always better than wearing nothing. How to wear a Surgical Mask properly There are 2 sides to a surgical mask, the white and blue side. The white side contains filter, so if you are having flu, it should be attached to your face, with the blue side facing outwards to prevent germs from spreading. If you are not sick, the white side ought to be facing out to protect micro-organism or the harmful dust particles from the environment to come in contact with you. Read More: PM2.5  2. Stay hydrated Drink water more frequent than you usually do is essential. As the dust particles trap heat in the atmosphere, causing it to be warmer than usual when there's haze, causing your body to feel fatigue. Even in some cases, you feel dry in your throat as the air gets drier. Therefore it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Bring a bottle of water when heading out to remind yourself to drink up! 3. Indoor Air Purifier Staying indoors is usually advisable during hazy days. But what is the point of staying in if the haze is all trapped in your house and rooms? Get yourself an air purifier to solve all the problems. An efficient air purifier should help to remove unwanted airborne contaminants and odors from your spaces, improving your air quality. You can now stay indoors without smelling any burning smell.

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