Embracing change

August 26, 2016

Embracing change have more benefits than you can imagine. I know stepping out of your comfort zone might be difficult. Why not start by changing your furniture in your home! I mean, moving around your furniture is one thing, but being able to buy a new set of furniture to brighten up your home style might just be the change you need! Come down to BIGBOX furniture fair this weekend for over 30.000 items at crazy price! Steal yourself a deal and change your home into something you have never seen before. Living room: tv-console Stylish TV console to spice up your living room. With a wide 6ft in length, you can rest your TV on it and would still be spacious enough for your TV accessories like game consoles and stereo set! norwood-armchair Perfect for a little corner in your living room, this armchair does not take up much space and you get to relax while surfing the net or reading a book, even just for a short meditating session!   kids-sofa   Your kids have outgrown their little toddler chairs, so what do you do! Here’s how, you can now grab a little kids sofa at just $29! This way you don’t have to up-size your sofa to a larger one and your kid can now watch tv with you as well! I mean, it’s something new to add on to your collection isn’t it? Comes in 3 colors for your choosing.   Bed room:   bedframe Is your bed frame getting cranky? Here’s a deal to steal for a queen size bed frame for $79! Bed frames are very important for your sleep. A new bed frame enhances your sleep quality and adding a little style to your bedroom is a huge bonus. Balcony: outdoor-swing Look at this luxurious crazy outdoor swing. This is perfect for anyone. And I mean EVERYONE. If you have kids, they can sit down on the swings and enjoy. Well if you are with your partner, isn’t it just a romantic night just sitting on it for the night and chill with wine? If you are staying alone, this is just a perfect spot for you to sit down and read your book and relax into the night! So a side note, we are giving away freebies! free-gift Free 3 in 1 Travel Organizer set for first 100 customers! (Terms and conditions applied)  

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