Date Out In Singapore

August 18, 2016

“Honey, where are we going this weekend?” Here’s the most heard sentence after dating since forever. Dating ideas are always running low especially in such a small country like Singapore. Sometimes dating can be so expensive! Stop cracking your poor head even on weekends, here are some outdoor dates you can go which are cheap as well!
  1. Be Adven-Tourist

Take a bus together, alight whenever you guys deem fit. Walk around and explore the neighbourhood like you guys are a tourist touring the new areas. Do not plan ahead! I mean, that’s the point right.
  1. Flying A Kite

You might be wondering how does kite flying under the hot sun making you all sweaty and sticky makes a good date and improves your relationship. Kite flying is actually way more difficult than you think. It require building rapport between the two of you. One to hold the string and the other to run with the kite and let go when the wind comes. So this is definitely not just a usual dine and chat kind of date. Once the kite is in the air, you both would have a great sense of achievement and the ice is finally broken, you two can now finally sit down and chat and laugh at the funny moments that happened while trying to get the kite up. Ideal places: Marina Barrage, Jurong Central Park, West Coast Park and Sembawang Park
  1. Horse Riding
Ladies, ever wanted to see your Prince Charming on a horse? Here’s your chance. Suggest to go for a horse riding experience. Gallop stable located at Turf Club Road offers lessons or inexperienced trail rides at minimum 3 riders for 45 minutes at SGD 95 during weekends. Double up your date, go for a double date, get your girlfriend or get your boyfriend’s best buddy to go together.
  1. Go On A Museum Date

You would be surprised by the number of museums that does not require entrance fee to enter if you are a Singapore or PR of Singapore. Go and explore the historical facts of Singapore or go stare at a piece of art. Impress your date on how sophisticated you can be. I mean, just staring at something awkwardly and nodding your head couldn’t be that hard right?
  1. Go To A Sport Game

The sports event held at sportshub are usually opened to public to watch. Otherwise you can always buy a cheap ticket. Check them out on their website, pack your bag with snacks to go! What could ever go wrong while watching others win and lose, sitting there and judging them?

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