Choosing your dress shirt have never been this easy!

August 18, 2016

A man walks by, first thing we all notice is his hairstyle and down to his shirt, looking how suave he looks in his dress shirt. A man’s dress shirt is the frame of his face during his first impression. The dress shirts in BigBox aims to help you find the most suited style for a dress shirt. Details does matter, every shirt you wear on you is sending a message out to the public what kind of person you are. Whether you like it or not, it is speaking for you, make sure it is saying what you intend. Dress Shirt Fit Most men do not know how a shirt should fit them, and usually people don’t tailor made them. Therefore every one compromise somewhere if a shirt fit us in the neck and fail us at the length or so. Here’s a few things to check off your check list before you buy that shirt.
  1. Allow two fingers in the collar when buttoned
  2. It should be tight enough around the wrist that it should be unbuttoned to slip them off
  3. Sleeves should be long enough for you to raise your arms and not feel stuck showing your forearm.
  4. Shoulder points should only extend to the end of the shoulder
  5. Have enough room at your chest and waist area, pinch out about 1-3 inches of the shirt to make sure it’s enough.
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