Be spectacular!

August 24, 2016

Wearing spectacles can be such a chore for most of us, with the scorching sun, sweaty faces, our spectacles might just slip off your nose bridge and we have to make sure it's in proper position to see well. Or going outdoors, wanting to wear shades is a huge no-no for us as we have to wear our spectacles to see. Choosing your new pair of spectacles could be another problem because you have grown so attached to your previous one. But here are some tips to look spectacular even when wearing spectacles, feeling awesome even under the sun!   1. Contrast The shape of your face should contrast your spectacles frame. In other words, if you have rounder features, choose an angular frame. Frames are important as they frame your overall look, don't belittle of frames! 2. Color Choose a color that compliments your features, just as previous point. Spectacles that contrast the tone of your face and hair will help you stand out more. Black colored frames are easily the most popular color for spectacles, because they are good for highlighting and outlining your eyes. 3. Lenses Not all lenses suit everyone, if you are an indoor person, you probably isn't as active as others, you sit in the office, stare at the computer screen. You may consider getting computer glasses. In BigBox, we offer ENERGEYES to help protect your eyes from blue light, preventing your eyes against Digital Eye Strain. Bigbox also offers Crizal lenses or sunx color changing lenses to adapt to the different lighting when you are outdoor or indoor to protect your eyes against outdoor UV too. Come down to our Vision.Box at Level 2 for your ideal spectacle!

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