5 Step Mattress Buying Guide

September 07, 2016

Buying a new mattress is a huge investment, as the lifespan of a bed is at least 7 years! With that said, you are spending over 20,000 hours on your bed over a seven year lifespan. Taking a little time and effort in the beginning to make sure you make the right choice is essential. Here's a 5 step mattress buying guide.

Researching on your budget, and the type of mattresses you are interested in. There are different type of mattresses like memory foam, pocketed coil springs and etc which caters to different body types and different comfort levels. Researching is essential; in addition, list down the requirements before deciding which mattress is more suitable. Try looking at your budget before heading down to the showroom.
  1. TRY IT.

It is important to feel comfortable. It isn’t a simple formula that equates to one size fits all and this can be a little tricky. You would be spending a lot of time on bed, make sure it is comfortable. The research you have done are usually based on reviews by others and their body types, their comfort level. Therefore, it's important to try the mattress personally to feel it against your body, try every possible position to make sure it’s comfortable when tossing and turning during your sleep. TIP: If it’s possible, get a friend to help take a look at your sleeping posture.

Walking into a store can be an intimidating experience. Sometimes, consumers are tempted to say “I am just looking around.” Don’t feel self-conscious. Approach the salesman, they might be able to find the perfect mattress just which most consumers tend to miss out. TIP: Ask salesman or promoters for any promotions, don’t rush yourself into something you are not ready. Don’t be shy and ask about the on-going promotions.

It is important to be aware of your health conditions that mattress could help improve or worsen it. If there's back aching or pain, consider getting a firmer mattress for more support. If allergy issues or asthma is in the question, consider buying a bed labeled 'hypoallergenic' to ensure it's allergy free. Take a look at types of sleeper post to further understand your body needs.

The sales team at a mattress specialty store have more training on sleep and products. Hence, they are dedicated to explain each mattress in detail to consumers their strengths and benefits. Specialized store meant that they have the best selections of mattress for you to choose from. Take a look at our online stores and if you don’t find something suitable, come down to BIGBOX to take a look at our full collection, and feel free to approach our friendly staff.  

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